Who is Window Tools, Inc.?

Like most entrepreneurial companies, Window Tools, Inc. was founded because we encountered a challenge for which the market offered no current solution. Aware that "necessity is the mother of invention," we set out to devise a practical solution of our own.  While tinkering with different ideas, we continued to notice that many consumers were experiencing the exact same problem. So, once our idea was complete, we saw an opportunity to provide a needed product through a new business enterprise.

The challenge we had encountered was in the residential window market; specifically in the category of high-end double-hung windows. Within this market, compression- jamb windows are arguably some of the finest units available. Having lived with these windows ourselves, we can attest to their superior quality and thermal performance. However, we did come to notice an inconvenience associated with this window type. And once we'd devised an effective way to address that inconvenience, we knew that many others could also benefit from our solution. That solution is The Jamb Spreader, an innovative, effective tool that serves as a natural accessory to quality tilt windows.


How to order

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