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the ToolWhat is the Jamb Spreader?

The Jamb Spreader is a unique hand tool designed specifically for compression-jamb windows with tilting sashes. This patented tool significantly eases the task of tilting the sashes inward for cleaning. How? The Jamb Spreader provides you with the leverage to spread and hold the vinyl jambs apart, allowing you to simply pull the sashes inward, clean them, and then easily return them back to their places between the jamb liners.

As The Jamb Spreader is subsequently removed from the window, the ribbed jambs spring back into the sash grooves, re-establishing the window's weathertight fit.

While the Jamb Spreader will fit all compression Jamb, double-hung windows, the following demonstration is using a Pella window:

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Using The Jamb Spreader
  1. The tool is set to the insertproper length, then placed diagonally between the vinyl jambs, just above the bottom sash.

  2. It’s just a matteradjust of leverage.
    One end of the tool is pulled downward, spreading the jambs apart just enough to break their seal with the sash. fitting

  3. Voila!
    Once The Jamb Spreader is holding the jambs apart, the sash can be pulled free with great ease.easy open

  4. Ready to wash.
    Once free of the jambs, the sash can be carefully lowered into position for washwashing. That wasn’t so bad, was it.
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