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The Jamb Spreader® works with quality double-hung windows utilizing flexible vinyl jamb liners ("compression jambs") and incorporating a tilt feature for easier cleaning of the outside glass surface.

The New Curtain Spreader
keeps fabric window treatments out of the way for easier cleaning. It works with all brands and types of windows.

The Curtain Spreader: $23.95

Spreads curtains and draperies to ease cleaning of all types of windows, including those that tilt. Provides a working range of 30" to 50". Lightweight, at only 8 ounces! Won't harm even sheer curtains. Just clip tool to curtains, then extend and twist-lock to proper length!

The Jamb Spreader® Window Tilting Aid
Which Jamb Spreader size do you need? Just measure the width of your narrowest and widest window sash (same as the "jamb-to-jamb" measurement), then check the specs below to see which tool size will match the range of windows in your home. With three adjustable tool sizes, plus an optional extension accessory, we make tilting easier for almost any compression-jamb window, wide or narrow!

Standard Jamb Spreader: $29.95
Accommodates the most popular window widths. This tool adjusts from 23.50" up to 39.25".

Junior Jamb Spreader: $28.95

Accommodates narrower window and is adjustable from 19.25" to 31.25".

Magnum Jamb Spreader: $32.95
Accomodates the larger, wider windows and is adjustable from 30" up to 51.25".

Extension Accessory: $9.40
This accessory extends range of The Jamb Spreader without the full cost of a second larger tool. It extends the standard tool by 4 inches and the Junior tool an additional 8.25 inches.

Style A fits all compression-jamb windows except Pella.
Style B fits only Pella compression-jamb windows.

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